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Preferred DJ Vendor 
2015 through 2024

Pricing / Packages

     Thank you for visiting my website and possibly using me as your Reading, PA DJ. DJs vary as much today as any other service providing industry does. We have different quality levels of equipment, amounts of music, years of experiences, demands on our services, and attitudes about how we provide services. I tend to think of myself as a personal DJ chef.  I always, to the best of my ability will cater to your preferences and work with you to make your event great ! I am very passionate about what I do, and do my absolute best to make your day match your style ! 


     The price range for local Reading, PA DJs is about $150 to $2000+ for an event. The $150 DJ is likely a hobbyist or a beginner or both. The $2000 DJ should provide you with much more personalization, specialized services, and top quality performance. Price is an indicator of quality but it is not the only indicator. The cheapest DJ isn't always the worst dj, and the most expensive DJ isn't always the best, our pricing is very competitive with the local market, and the quality of service, attention to detail and sticking to your vision is unmatched ! 


Do your research and find out what you are getting for the price, equipment and lights are great yes, but what personality, or better yet which DJ will be showing up? Quite a few companies across the country will double and triple book dates, sending out a company DJ, often with far less experience than the company owner. This could leave you with an under experienced DJ, who may or may not live up to your expectations.


 A professional DJ understands and cares that your event is special and will use their competence and skills to help make it enjoyable and memorable. Unfortunately, many people end up hiring DJ's that treat events as just another "gig" or tally on their bottom line. My advice, get to know your DJ a bit before signing on with him or her. Does this DJ have a good reputation in the area? Many of the DJ's in the Reading area are GREAT and very proud of what they do. I have no problem recommending quite a few of their companies in the event I am already booked for a job or certain date.  Visit the contact page to inquire about your date ! 









Nick enjoys giving back to the community as much as possible. In the event your budget is limited, Nick will do his best to work with your organization.



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The most common private events range from 3 hours to 4 hours. These parties include a 3 speaker sound sytem as well as dance floor lighting.




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Private Parties / Events

Nicks spends hours each week to stay up

to date with the newest music and hottest

trends. Today's generation expects nothing but the best when it comes to the hottest songs and dances. Pricing is based on hours needed and equipment based on the

number of guests at your event.


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School Dances / Proms

WEDDINGS 2022 & Beyond

All inclusive wedding packages starting at $875,  contact now to check availability. Travel time and setup time and breakdown is included in package price, within 1 hour of Reading, PA ! Please contact
for an individual price quote, discounts may be available for off season dates. Visit the contact page!


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Custom Initials or Company Monogram

Ceremony Entrance Music and Microphone

Cake Spot light or colored accent light

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